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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This statement has never been more true for business in general than in this post-financial-meltdown, pre-recovery economy.

Yet now more than ever, top executives, corporate directors and financial markets want no surprises. So it’s pretty clear why CPM / BI initiatives continue to top CIO priorities, as executives from the boardroom on down demand better visibility.

The problem is that these initiatives, often have fallen short of being ideal, either, not hitting the target or delivering insight into the past but not into up-to-the-moment performance of future prospects.

With the extra challenge of data growing at an astonishing rate and limited available budgets, new initiatives should be spot-on, delivering actionable information to monitor and steer your business.

MindTheGap is a tool independent player with a single focus on helping you to define, setting up, disseminate and manage your information assets in order to maximize actionability, business impact and investment return.

We invite you to visit our site and learn more on how we can help you “orchestrate your information”.

About us

MindTheGap is a group of highly experienced people specializing in infonomics. This recently coined term for information management enholds the interrelationships between people & organizations on the one hand and information on the other hand.

We all believe that information, when properly managed, can generate and multiply value for a company. Digesting the right information and acting accordingly, especially in a society where information starts to overload people, can influence the bottomline dramatically.

Furthermore we all understand, by experience, that technology enables knowledge creation and sharing but only if it can be easily understood and used by non-technology users.

Last but not least, we have no strings attached to any tool vendor to make sure we can help our customers choosing the right solution for their question(s).

Our goal is to get the right experience in place or you, as a company, to be successful.


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